Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Elevation Group - A Straight Forward Review

The Elevation Group focuses on investment strategies that are commonly used by the 'ultra-rich' and the ethos is 'if you want to become wealthy, you need to invest like the wealthy'. They do use specific examples for each strategy they teach you as well as a list of connections for making things happen.

But was it worth the investment? (Pardon the pun)

What The Elevation Group did for Me

The Elevation Group was great at giving me 'buy in' - the exciting feeling that it is possible to become financially free. The video content was informative and great for beginners in investing but the most valuable part of the subscription was the 'Rolodex' of contacts that you can call, including CEOs of major investment companies, that is provided to members. Without that, anyone hoping to get into the investment strategies that they talk about would find it practically impossible. Indeed it does show you that the 'Investment strategies of the rich' are not available to everyone and you need the contacts.

Mike Dillard and the guests in the video content are also very eloquent in highlighting the pitfalls of investing and the dysfunction of the traditional retirement system. In my opinion, it provides just as much value in showing you what not to do as it does in showing you what investment strategies you should use.

As joining The Elevation Group counts as a lifetime membership, I am glad I joined as I know I will be able to come back to the content and list of investment contacts at any stage in my life when I am in a better position to take advantage of the lessons provided in there. That is why I would say it was worth joining for me.

However... beware!

Where it Falls Down

Mike Dillard (the founder) does not make clear, before you join, that the investment strategies explained inside are for the rich only! You need a significant amount capital ($100000+) to take advantage of most the opportunities the Elevation Group is about, such as investing in oil and gas and building cash flow through real estate.

As soon as you subscribe, they try to up-sell you on a product called 'Elevation Income' which is about starting your own business to get into the position where you have the cash flow to take advantage of the Elevation Group strategies. Therefore I would say that, unless you are rich, joining the Elevation Group not very useful at face value.

This is unless you get the 'Elevation Income' product as well and successfully start a business that earns very high revenue... Not that buying the 'Elevation Income' product would guarantee you any success what so ever.

In all fairness, they do have some content on starting your own business in the basic Elevation Group member's area. But, whilst very motivating and encouraging to me, it does not offer any specific guidelines or advice of tangible value. Therefore I would not rely on it for being successful, but again it was worth it for me just as a useful reference that I know I will always have.